Artexing patterns, great for uneven ceilings, or effects.
We know it isn't for everyone so we can remove it too!

Broken Leather
This Finish is great for ceilings and can be used on walls.
After covering a Stipple Pad with a soft plastic bag you can apply the texture material to the surface. Push the Stipple Pad into the material and gently bounce the pad while twisting from Left to Right making sure the pattern is random.

Broken Swirl
Exactly the same as above but use a Stipple Pad without the plastic bag.

Used predominantly on ceilings.
Apply the material to the surface to be textured, then, use the Stipple Pad and push into the material and pull off, repeat this moving across the material half a pad with at a time.

Great for ceilings.
Apply the material, using the Stipple Pad move in a figure of eight. Try to create a random pattern by starting and stopping at different angles ie. Left to Right, Front to Back Diaginal to Diagonal, and variations inbetween.

Good for ceilings.
Apply the material and, using the Stipple Pad, twist in a circular motion and pull off at the same time. Overlap one swirl into another trying to create a random pattern.

This finish is generally used for walls.
After applying the material to the surface, we run the special bark roller over it making sure the roller stays flat to the surface.

Good for smaller areas.
Apply the material then use your fingers in a circular motion keeping the pattern random.

Old Plaster
Good on walls and between beams.
Apply the material then using a 4" brush, or whatever size you like, brush over the material in random directions and a mixture of short and longer strokes.

Knifed Plaster
Good for walls and between beams.
Same as above but use a filling knife instead. Always overlap and change angles to keep it random.

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